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Registration is the first step towards admission. Day facilities are available for girls & Boys and boarding for boys. For admission a child must be registered latest by first week of January. The academic session begins in the month of April. Registrations are no way ensures the admission. Only registered candidates will be considered for admission.


Doon Public School follows the guide lines of R.T.E. 2010. After Registration candidates will be notified of the date of admission test and interview. The admission committee reserves the right to select the candidates based on their performance in the written test, interview and their aptitude personality, intelligence and other capabilities. The decision of admission committee will be final and abiding in all classes. Admission to L.K.G. & U.K.G. will be through interaction and observation.


We Endeavour to give meritorious students the benefit of all round education by providing financial assistance. Scholarship ranging from (20% to 30%) is available on the basis of merit of student.

L.K.G. 3 Years & 6 Month
U.K.G. 4 Years & 6 Months
Class I 5 Years & 6 Months
Class II 6 Years & 6 months
Class III 7 Years & 6 months
Class IV 8 Years & 6 months
Class V 9 Years & 6 months
Class VI 10 Years & 6 months
Class VII 11 Years & 6 months
Class VIII 12 Years & 6 months
Class IX 13 Years & 6 months
Rules and Regulation for Boarder
  • Boarder should follow the daily routine of the hostel.
  • No hosteller will be allowed to stay back in their rooms or in the hostel Premises during the school time.
  • No one is allowed to keep more than 200 in cash in the possession and no valuable things should be possessed by them while staying in hostel.
  • Any Hostellers is not allowed to keep medicine without valid prescription by a Doctor.
  • No hosteller is allowed to keep transistors, record player and tape-recorder, Guitar or any such thing which may disturb to other student.
  • Electrical gadgets like, laptop earphone, heater, iron etc is banded in hostel.
  • Night Roll-call will be taken by warden/ H.S. at 10:30 pm in winter.
  • Report card sent by the hostel superintendent to parent.
  • All boarders will write a letter twice in a month to their parents.
  • Any hostler is not allowed to call their day-scholar friend to hostel premises for their personal interaction.
  • All hostellers should make their telephone call as per the telephone schedule.
  • No hostellers should make their telephone call as per the telephone schedule.
  • Any hosteller is not allowed to keep the long hair.

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